Local SEO for Manufacturers

When is it important?

If you do a significant amount of business locally, read on...

"Local SEO" is the name given to the practices used to help a business rank well in local search engine results pages. Often, what you'll hear people referring to is actually the "map pack", sometimes called the "three pack" because of how frequently Google displays the top three businesses for a given search query.

Investing resources to improve your ranking on Google Maps and similar local directories as a customer acquisition strategy needs to be carefully assessed against other uses of those same resources. For many manufacturers their customer base is geographically distant and serving the customer from a brick-and-mortar shop location is not of high importance.

However, if you believe that your customers are nearby and searching online using phrases like "cnc machine shops near me", then it's probably time to review your current standings and create a plan to increase your visibility and click share!


How to Rank Well in Local Search

In their complete guide to Local SEO in 2021, HubSpot shares numerous best practices that can be utilized when attempting to improve your rankings in local search result pages. Local SEO is likely just one piece of your sales and marketing mix, so it's important to prioritize actions that are going to have the greatest impact.

One of the best things that manufacturers can do is claim and optimize their Google My Business profile. In general, the more relevant information and rich media (like images) you can share on GMB, the better you will fare.

  • Choose an appropriate business category (like "machine shop")
  • Add products and services for your core offerings
  • Share images and post regularly

Of course, there are several other factors that hold significant weight when it comes to rankings well in local SEO. One of the most important among them is generating quality reviews frequently to improve the trustworthiness of your business.

There are numerous strategies to boost the number of reviews you generate and improve your social proof online, and sometimes they're referred to as "reputation management".

Ultimately though, it's best to start with an audit to understand where you are today so that you can craft a plan to get where you want to be in the future.