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Dear Business Owner:

People are amazed when they talk to me about local marketing.

The fact is that local-based businesses live and die by a different set of rules, and a lot of the usual marketing they do is well intentioned, but it doesn't lead to results.

Consider this:

Of the 5,000, 50,000, or 500,000 people nearby, how many are your potential customers?

Let's be generous and say half of them might be.

Now, of those folks, how are they most likely to find you if they need and want your service?

I'm talking about the emergency plumber at 5 AM, the basement remodeling contractor, or the boutique retailer who sells the dress they've got to have for "Aunt Norma's 50th".

According to the Pareto Principle, 80% of the results come from 20% of the inputs...

That means that if you can win in Google Search, Maps, Directories, and Social Media for the specific customers and keywords that matter to your business, you'll win the game.

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If you want to see how deep the rabbit hole goes, read on...

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The ugly truth about winning a local marketing war

Hand-to-hand combat in the trenches beyond "80/20"...

Within all matured marketing channels, whether we're talking about Google Search, Facebook Ads, or TV commercials there's actually a power law dynamic in effect.

It's the same thing that we see when we talk about wealth distribution:

  • The top 20% control about 80% of the nation's wealth
  • The top 10% control about 70% of the nation's wealth
  • The top 1% controls about 33% of the nation's wealth

"Does a tree falling in the forest make a sound if there is no one there to hear it?"

Think about it this way: if you post periodically on your company's Facebook Page, chances are that this year, only about 1% to 5% of your followers are likely to see it.

That means if you have 500 Facebook followers, only 5 people are going to see your post. Worse yet is that Facebook tends to show any future posts to the same group of people, so that there are huge swaths of your following who have the impression that nothing is going on.

...And these dynamics repeat themselves again and again, in every marketing channel you need to be on

  • The top 3 YouTube ads in your market get most of the views
  • The top 3 listings in the Map pack get most of the clicks
  • The top 3 businesses listed in the directory get most of the leads


The Answer to the $1,000,000 Marketing Question

There is a way to win the top spot without spending a fortune and even if you're starting from scratch. The secret lies in the following statement:

"Exceptional results come from exceptional focus."

We have studied success in dozens of verticals and put in thousands of hours honing our techniques in order to sharpen the sword that can cut through competition like warm butter.

The result is our "Local Domination" marketing program that is the literal "99/1" plan to laser-focus on your best prospects and where they spend their time.

From there, we unleash the most outrageous concentration of effort and testing you've ever witnessed in order to identify the best ways to locate, educate and persuade them into becoming your customer.

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Carpe Diem,


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