Manufacturing CRM

Get the customer relationship management tool that you've been missing in order to organize, personalize, and activate your prospects and customers

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  • Reasons to Buy a CRM
  • Benefits of a CRM for Manufacturers
  • Top Manufacturing CRM Options
  • Using a CRM to Personalize Service

Are you sick of pouring hours into deals only to have them fizzle out after weeks of effort?

Think about it. Many times, missed opportunities boil down to a lack of organization and communication. If you were able to provide or receive the critical details of a given prospect deal to the relevant people faster and more accurately than you do now, do you think you would close more deals?


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I guarantee that you would.

Maybe you've heard of CRMs before. The problem is, they've historically been expensive and difficult to implement, and the number of options has exploded. It's complicated to figure out the right solution for your business because they all have different features, requirements, and pricing.

We help manufacturers simplify the process of selecting a CRM based on their needs. The truth is that if you're going to invest in a CRM system to accelerate sales, marketing, and ultimately growth in your businesses, you need to think bigger picture in order to choose the most complete solution.

Do any of these resonate with you?

  • Organizing prospect and contact details
  • Understanding the last touchpoint with a prospect
  • Knowing who needs to do what, and when
  • Automating some of the repetitive tasks in the sales process
  • Visualizing sales activity to know if you're on track or off track
  • Forecasting revenue
  • Reporting on a true marketing ROI
  • Providing post-sale service to clients to keep them ordering again and again

If so, then you can see how advantageous it would be to invest in one system that can accomplish all of the above.

There are two basic pitfalls to be aware of:

  1. Buying way more than you need. This is like leasing the Lamborghini when you need the Honda Civic. Many manufacturers might be limited in terms of the number of sales and marketing staff, the size of the target customer list, the number of channels and campaigns they need to run which makes them a bad fit for enterprise-level solutions.
  2. Under-investing and choosing an "off-the-shelf" solution that you have to try and patch into an already complicated (and under-utilized) fabric of sales & marketing tools. For example, how painful and useless would it be to have one system for analytics, one for storing contact details, one for customer service, and one for marketing automation...not to mention the website and each individual marketing and advertising platform? This is the unfortunate reality for too many, and before long upkeep for all of these systems adds overhead and leads to disuse.

We've learned that a quality CRM makes everything else easier for manufacturers.

It's a sort of "phase shift" that can enhance your speed, decision making, activity and results in all phases of the client lifecycle: attract, engage, and delight.



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