About 2100 Digital

"To the man with a hammer, all the world looks like a nail"
-Abraham Maslow's "Law of the Instrument"

2100 Digital was founded by Ben Page after years of working on manufacturing accounts in traditional digital marketing agency settings and becoming frustrated by the incomplete tactics-driven approaches being prescribed.

Traditional digital agency: "We offer websites, SEO, and pay-per-click. Let's sell this manufacturer those services."

Result: Broad targeting, wasted advertising spend, too few qualified leads, no system or automation to improve sales.

2100 Digital approach: "Who is your best customer? What's constraining growth? How can we drive same-customer growth and acquire new customers at a better cost by meeting them where their attention is online and personalizing their experience?"


  • Higher marketing ROI with focused targeting
  • Higher engagement through personalization
  • Stronger pipeline, sales velocity and revenue growth
  • Time saved through automation at scale

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